Below you'll find an assortment of wood work which, for convenience, I have bundled here under the "Cabinet" heading. Beneath each picture there are smaller thumbnail photos for you to click and enlarge if you care to inspect the piece more closely.

The beautiful mantel I designed and built below features 3 sunbursts I handcarved and a dentil crown molding
which wraps the left and right pilasters as well as the center area. Generally dentil crown is run
straight across to avoid having to match the dentils where all the corners meet.

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FAR LEFT: The hearth before the new mantel.
LEFT: The smaller handcarved detail
RIGHT: The center handcarved detail

This custom entertainment center is made of gorgeous solid quilted maple, padauk, and shop-made
ebony/padauk handles. The sides are dovetailed into a 72" long padauk sub-base (top and bottom) and
the shelves between the drawers are installed with sliding dovetails. Highlighting the maple top is an interior pinstripe
border of 3/8 inch padauk. The door glass is held in place with padauk 1/4 round and the black sliding shelves have
a highlight piece in front that contrasts nicely. It weighs in easily at the 300 lb. range!

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FAR FAR LEFT: 22 inches of Dovetail Pins
FAR LEFT: Sliding dovetails
LEFT: Interior View
RIGHT: Front Top
FAR RIGHT: Ebony Padauk Handles

After a fire gutted the heart of the Rio Station Restaurant, this oak entry
wall with its Bubinga custom round-top ticket window, was designed
to create a new, welcoming entry for its returning patrons.

Above: Top view of entry wall

Left: Close up of the round top
Right: Bottom view of entry wall

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This oak and walnut door was built to replace the 75 year old door trashed by a leaping 90 lb pup trying to get at the mailman. The 1/2 inch thick tempered glass should keep him on the inside looking out now.

Below: Walnut pegs go thru the stiles to secure the tenons

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A Special Box For Mark

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Far left - Beautiful Birds Eye Maple
Left - 3 D View
Right - Bookmatched Ziricote in a Padauk Frame
Far Right - Ebony Corner Accents

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This cabinet was one of two commisioned by Davios, an upscale restaurant situated in
downtown Philadelphia ( It features all shop fabricated raised panel doors
to match the ambience of the restaurant's home, the historic Provident Bank Building (c.1880's).

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Here's a Mahogany mantel with a Padauk keystone in the center of the mantel chosen by the client to represent Pennsylvania, the Keystone State.
(Padauk is a naturally occuring red wood - no stain was used)

Below left: Before                                  Below right:After

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Library with Raised Panel Padauk Doors

It's easy to see the value of upgrading elements in your home
such as mantels, bookcases, moldings, etc. Here's a mantel top
replacement and new crown molding that depicts just that.

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Before and after viewed from the left:

Before and after viewed from the right: